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North Maple Estates

701-739 N. Maple Rd

North Maple Estates

Located at the outside edge of Ann Arbor is the Ann Arbor Housing Commission's N. Maple Rd. development (see map below). It is composed of 20 buildings that are all separate family housing units. All of the units are designed with a family in mind and include four bedrooms. There is one extra building that serves as a community action center serving functions such as after school programs, a computer center, library, and community meetings. One of the nicest features of the units are the patio decks that each family has. There is one in the front toward the open area and one to the back that opens to that unit's respective backyard. Entrance to the site is through a drive on N. Maple Rd. and leads to parking that opens to the center square.  

Children in the community can be found playing in backyards, the open center space, at nearby basketball courts, or at the on-site playground and park. Amenities included in the units include: full bathrooms, gas stoves, refrigerators, cable accessibility, multiple telephone jacks, multiple closet types and sizes, double lock-system foyer area, heat, water, electricity, 24 hour emergency maintenance, smoke detectors, and trash + recycling bins. Grocery, drug, and party stores as well as specialty shops can be found at the nearby Maple Village shopping center. Post office, fire department, bus station, and general health services are also all located within a mile on N. Maple Rd.  

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