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15D District Court
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15th Judicial District Court Home


Ann Arbor Justice Center

15th Judicial District Court
Ann Arbor Justice Center
301 E Huron St, PO Box 8650
Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8650



The 15th Judicial District Court is located in downtown Ann Arbor in the Ann Arbor Justice Center. The court is presided over by three judges, the Honorable Christopher Easthope, the Honorable Elizabeth P. Hines and the Honorable Joseph F. Burke and one appointed magistrate, the Honorable M. Colleen Currie. Daily court operations are overseen by Court Administrator Shryl Samborn.

The court is composed of five divisions: Administration, Civil, Collections, Traffic/Criminal, and Probation. Administration is responsible for the administrative management of all non-judicial functions of the Court. The Civil Division maintains the court files for general civil, landlord-tenant, and small claims cases. The Collections Division is responsible for facilitating payment of delinquent fines, court costs and restitution. The Traffic/Criminal Division maintains the records for all traffic and criminal misdemeanors, civil infractions, ordinance violations, and University of Michigan Regents violations. The Probation Department is responsible for pre-sentence investigations, alcohol assessments, supervision, counseling, and referrals to outside assessment and treatment programs for those who are placed on probation.

The 15th Judicial District Court has jurisdiction over cases which include but are not limited to:

  • Civil Cases where the disputed amount is $25,000 or less
  • Small Claims cases where the disputed amount is $5,000 or less
  • Landlord/Tenant disputes
  • Criminal and Traffic Misdemeanors punishable by less than one year in jail
  • Arrest or Search Warrant Issuance
  • Ann Arbor City Ordinance Violations
  • Traffic and State Civil Infractions
  • University of Michigan Regents Violations
  • Felony Preliminary Exams 

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