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Strategic Plan

In 2005, the Greenbelt Advisory Commission adopted a Strategic Plan to guide their land acquisition decision-making process.  The Greenbelt recently updated the Strategic Plan as a result of the current real estate and economic climate.  The major priorities outlined in the strategic plan are to:

1. Preserve large blocks (1,000 acres or greater) of farmland within five focus areas

2. Preserve land along the Huron River and major tributaries

3. Leverage dollars whenever possible through landowner donations, grant funds and local
partners.  Secondary priorities outlined in the Greenbelt_Strategic_Plan_2013.docx include the supporting local food and specialty crop production, and preserving critical viewsheds or corridors surrounding the City.

Activity Reports
The City’s fiscal year runs July 1st through June 30th.  At the end of each fiscal year, the Greenbelt Advisory Commission publishes an Annual Activity Report which summarized the year’s land acquisition successes and outlines goals for the coming year.  Each of the reports also include financial statements, as well as a compilation of news articles published on the Greenbelt.

FY12-13 Activity Report (pdf)

FY11-12 Activity Report (pdf)

FY09-10 Activity Report (pdf)

FY08-09 Activity Report (pdf)  

FY07-08 Activity Report (pdf) 

FY06-07 Activity Report (pdf)

FY05-06 Activity Report (pdf)