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Welcome to Water Treatment Services

​​​​​​​​​​​Molly Robinson, Unit Manager

Water Treatment Plant Staff Directory

The City of Ann Arbor Water Treatment Unit extensively monitors water quality on a routine basis.  Our testing regularly exceeds requirements and we are constantly vigilant against potential threats to our water system. 

2013 Water Quality Report​ Now Available

Rea​d how Ann Arbor drinking water continues to meet or exceed state and federal standards. 

Our Statement Mission

The City of Ann Arbor is committed to providing excellent municipal services that enhance the quality of life for all through the intelligent use of our resources while valuing an open environment that fosters fair, sensitive and respectful treatment of all employees and the community we serve.

Learn more about the Ann Arbor Water Treatment Plant (WTP) from the links below:


 Water Treatment Plant

Water Supply and Treatment                                             

Did you know that 85% of Ann Arbor's drinking water comes from the Huron River? Find out about the extensive treatment process our source water goes through before distribution. 

 Water Tower


When treatment is complete, the water is distributed throughout Ann Arbor. The average day demand is 14 million gallons of water per day (MGD)! Learn more about distribution and view a map of the pressure districts within the city. 

 water drop splash


The WTP laboratory is certified at the state and federal level for performing drinking water analyses and regulation. Thousands of tests are performed annually to ensure that Ann Arbor drinking water meets or exceeds water quality standards.

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Information Resources

Water Conservation: Get the lowdown on the Ann Arbor water rate increase and how conserving water really does save you money!

  • A2H2O: Find out how drinking Ann Arbor tap water is healthy, economical and eco-friendly. Also look here for info about purchasing refillable A2H2O water bottles. 

  • Education for Kids!: This site (specifically designed for kids, parents and teachers) has some quick tips for water conservation and great links to help you learn more. 

  • WaterMatters Newsletters: Look here for coverage of recent water issues, produced quarterly.

  • FAQ: Have a question? Check here to see if we have answered it, and find out where to send it if we haven't.


An Important Note for Fish Owners

Using untreated city drinking water in fish tanks, ponds and aquariums is harmful to fish and any organism with gills. Ammonia is present in the City’s drinking water at approximately 0.25 parts per million (mg/L). This ammonia is bound with chlorine in the water to form the water supply’s disinfectant, chloramine. While ammonia at these levels has no adverse impact on humans or other mammals, it is harmful to fish or any organism with gills. Therefore, the ammonia must be deactivated before using city water in a pond or aquarium containing fish. It is important to note that simply removing the chlorine from the water will not remove the ammonia. Instead, fish owners may add certain chemicals to the water to deactivate the ammonia. Products containing these chemicals can be purchased at local pet supply and aquarium shops. The City recommends fish owners consult with a pond or aquarium professional to select the appropriate product.

Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products 

The presence of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in rivers and in drinking water has been highlighted in the news in recent months. The City of Ann Arbor has sampled your water for these contaminants.  Further information about Pharmaceuticals and Personal care products in the Huron River, the City's drinking water and the City's wastewater can be found here:  ​

Pill Bottle




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  Contact Information 

Other Resources and Water Topics

Annual Water Quality Report 2013 (PDF) 

 Annual Water Quality Report  2012 (PDF) 

Water Quality Data for Aquarium Owners and Home Brewers (PDF)

Ann Arbor Wastewater Treatment Plant  (Web Page)

Water, Sewer & Storm Water Rates (Web Page)

Tap, Connection & Meter Set Charges 
(Web Page)

View Water Utility Bill

To Start or Stop Water Service


Questions about water shut-offs or bill payments: Customer Service


  Contact Information


  919 Sunset Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone: (734) 994-2840
or (734)

Business Hours: M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm (Except City Holidays)

After Hours Water Emergencies
(734) 994-2840





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