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Stormwater Model Calibration and Analysis Project

Get Involved

The City of Ann Arbor is pleased to recognize that many residents share an interest in stormwater – whether because they have specific concerns about flooding in their neighborhood, or because they have professional or personal expertise in the subject, or for another reason altogether.  We’d like to recruit that talent and experience to help us achieve our project goals.  We invite you to consider participating in one or more of the following ways:

Take the City of Ann Arbor's stormwater survey
Share your observations and experiences relative to stormwater behavior throughout the City of Ann Arbor, and be entered to receive a $50 gift certificate to Zingerman's or Downtown Home & Garden.  Click here to open the survey in a new window.  Complete the survey before May 1st, 2013 to be eligible to win.

Join the Citizen Storm Corps
Observations of stormwater behavior in the City of Ann Arbor are a critical component of the Stormwater Model Calibration and Analysis Project.  Accordingly, the City of Ann Arbor is building a “Citizen Storm Corps” made up of volunteers who will visit one or more predetermined locations where flooding is known (or suspected) to occur during intense storms. Volunteers will visit one or more of the Large Event Data Gathering (LEDG) locations during or immediately after significant rain events, record visual observations about the stormwater's behavior at that location, and submit these important data to the City (electronically or via US Mail). View a list of LEDG locations and the project sheets that will be used to record observations here.

Volunteering for the Citizen Storm Corps is easy, fun, and does not require much time. If you can take a photo and use a map, you're qualified! We anticipate that the Citizen Storm Corps will be activated between one and three times over the next several years before the Stormwater Model Calibration and Analysis project concludes in July 2015 - although, of course, you would be more than welcome to participate more frequently, if you choose!

The City of Ann Arbor recently hosted three orientation sessions for people who may be interested in serving as part of the Citizen Storm Corps. If you are were unable to attend one of the sessions, but think you might be interested in volunteering in the Citizen Storm Corps, simply email City of Ann Arbor project staff at and let us know.  We'd be delighted to help you identify a convenient LEDG location, and orient you to the materials via phone or email.

Neighborhood Meetings
The City of Ann Arbor recently conducted a series of six neighborhood meetings in areas where known stormwater corners exist (view PDF map of areas addressed in these settings). The purpose of these neighborhood meetings was to validate and verify stormwater concerns specific to each neighborhood, collect additional information about areas of concern that staff may not be aware of, and share information about the Stormwater Modeling Calibration and Analysis project. 

Below please find a list of Stormwater Behavior Neighborhood Meetings, along with meeting summaries for each. 

Notifications of the meetings were sent to properties within 500 feet of the Stormwater Model Calibration and Analysis project's Large Event Data Gathering (LEDG) locations. If you did not receive a notification in the mail, but would like to share feedback relative to stormwater behavior in your area, please get in touch!  Simply share your observations to, and a staff person will be happy to include your information with the other feedback we've received - and, if you wish, speak with you further via email or phone.

Participate in the Stormwater Advisory Group (SWAG)
The SWAG is a group of interested citizens, stormwater professionals, and other stakeholders that will support the work of the Stormwater Model Calibration and Analysis Project.  The role of this group is primarily to advise the City of Ann Arbor on various technical aspects of the project.  For instance, this group will help the City identify locations where stormwater observations should be made, review findings as the project gets underway, and provide feedback toward the end of the project on developing the list of potential changes to the stormwater system that might be indicated as a result of the project.  This group is also invited to share data and otherwise inform the calibration process.

Please contact Jennifer Lawson ( or 734-794-6430 ext. 43735) to be added as a participant in this group.

The SWAG meets quarterly, and perhaps more frequently when the need arises.  The meeting schedule for 2012-2013 has been adopted as follows:

Submit your own stormwater observations
The City of Ann Arbor welcomes data on stormwater behavior from all citizens, even if you do not wish to serve as part of the Citizen Storm Corps. If you have photos or other media recordings of flooding in the City of Ann Arbor, by all means, please share them with us by emailing the City of Ann Arbor's project staff at  Questions? Please call Jennifer Lawson, City of Ann Arbor Water Quality Manager, at 734-794-6430 ext. 43735.

Throughout the Stormwater Model Calibration and Analysis project, the City will use the Citizen Request System to collect citizen observations about flooding behavior.  Enter the Citizen Request System by clicking here.

Attend a public meeting
In the final phases of the Stormwater Model Calibration and Analysis Project (2014-2015), the City of Ann Arbor will host a series of public meetings to share the project findings and recommended changes to the stormwater system.  Once developed, the meeting schedule will be shared here.  Please contact Jennifer Lawson ( or 734-794-6430 ext. 43735) if you’d like to be kept informed about the details of the public meeting schedule.

Updated March 26, 2013

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