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Capital Improvements
FY2014-2019 Capital Improvements Plan
FY2013-2018 Capital Improvements Plan
FY2012-2017 Capital Improvements Plan
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FY2014-2019 Capital Improvements Plan

Every two years, the City prepares a full six-year plan of capital expenditures. The Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) has been prepared for the period from July 1, 2013 (FY2014) to June 30, 2019 (FY2019) and beyond.  As with past CIP efforts, the City staff and the City’s Planning Commission sought to improve the CIP process.

CIP Asset Category Teams worked collaboratively in planning the FY2014-2019 CIP. The items performed by these teams include:

  • Identification of the capital needs associated with each infrastructure asset category
  • Recognition of key items associated with a project to address the needs that are likely to affect the scope, cost and schedule of that project
  • Prioritization of the needs within the asset category using a robust prioritization model tool
  • Scheduling of the projects to address the needs within the asset category based on the needs priorities, availability of funding and capacity of staff resources to perform the projects

CIP Customer Survey

In order to engage the public during this stage of CIP development, an (anonymous) online survey was made available to the entire community in November of 2012.  The survey closed on December 3, 2012.  The survey was designed to solicit input from the community in the following areas:

  • Level of satisfaction with public facilities, systems and services
  • Thoughts about the allocation of dollars for capital projects
  • Ideas and priorities for improvements to facilities, systems and services
  • Suggestions for future public engagement methods
  • Comparisons to benchmarked survey from 2010

The survey responses are summarized below:

CIP FY2014-2019 Customer Survey Summary 
(22-page PDF)

CIP FY2014-2019 Customer Survey - including comments (147-page PDF)

City Planning Commission (CPC)

On December 18, 2012 the City Planning Commission (CPC) held a public hearing on the FY 2014-2019 Capital Improvements Plan and approved the CIP as a supporting document for the City's Master Plan. 

Links to the materials provided to the CPC for its December 18, 2012 public hearing are provided below:

CIP materials for the following (to be attached):

FY2014-2019 CIP Summary and Supporting Documents

 FY2014-2019 CIP

Updated February 22, 2013

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