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Capital Improvements
FY2014-2019 Capital Improvements Plan
FY2013-2018 Capital Improvements Plan
FY2012-2017 Capital Improvements Plan
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FY2013-2018 Capital Improvements Plan

Every two years, the City prepares a detailed two-year budget for both operating and capital expenditures. By city charter, the City Council can approve a 1-year budget, so for the second year of each 2-year budget cycle the Council reviews and approves adjustments to the second budget year.

As the CIP is coordinated with, and forms the basis for the capital projects portion of the budget, the CIP is handled in a similar manner. Every two years the complete six-year plan is reviewed, modified and updated. This year, the CIP consists of an update to those projects in the plan that will affect the 2013 fiscal year (FY2013).

Plan Document

The adjustments are summarized in the document below.  The project descriptions may be found in the FY2012-2017 CIP.

 FY2013-2018 CIP (adjustments to FY2012-2017 CIP) (pdf) 

      Category Funding Report (pdf) 

FY2012-2017 CIP Summary 










Updated April 5, 2012

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