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Bike Parking Facilities

There are 32 secured bicycle lockers, several areas for covered bike parking, and over 100 bike hoops, including three dozen new bike hoops and three in-street bike racks that were installed in 2009, located throughout the downtown area.
Source: Ann Arbor getDowntown Program

What are Ann Arbor's bicycle parking options?

Providing bicycle parking can increase overall parking capacity at a small cost, attract customers who ride bicycles to the downtown area, eliminate the clutter of unplanned bicycle parking, and encourage customers that generally drive to try biking instead. There are many options for bicycle parking in Ann Arbor.

Bike lockers can be rented for $60 year plus a refundable key deposit of $25. To rent a bike locker, please call the getDowntown Program Director, at 734.214.0100. Bike Lockers are available to rent at the following locations:

  • Ann Arbor City Hall (Fifth and Huron)
  • Maynard Street (across from parking structure)
  • Fourth and Washington Parking Structure (Washington Street entrance)
  • Fourth and William Parking Structure (4th Street entrance)
  • Ann Arbor Public Library Lot (Fifth Street)
  • William and Ashley Parking Lot
  • Ann and Ashley Parking Structure

Covered bike parking is available at the following locations:

  • Ann and Ashley Parking Structure
  • Fourth and William Parking Structure
  • Fourth and Washington Parking Structure
  • Maynard Parking Structure
  • Liberty Square Parking Structure
  • Forest Parking Structure
  • building (Fifth and Liberty)

Bike racks are available throughout the downtown. Three dozen new bike hoops installed by the***** Downtown Development Authority***** (DDA) in 2009 added to the more than 100 hoops already present at convenient locations throughout the downtown. The DDA recently installed three in-street bicylce racks that will remain in place during the warmer months. The racks take up the same amount of space as one car and accomodate up to 14 bicycles. The three locations include:

  • Kerrytown area: 200 block of N. Fourth in front of the People‚Äôs Food Coop
  • Main Street area: 100 block of E. Washington Street in front of Arbor Brewing Company
  • State Street area: 300 block of S. State Street in front of Bivouac

How can I protect my bike while it is parked?

The basic rules when locking your bike are to make sure there are two points of contact when you lock up & to use a good lock. Cable locks and U-locks are recommended & available at all bike stores.

If you live in the City of Ann Arbor and are over 12 years old, you are required to register your bike. It is recommended that children's bikes be registered also; its the best way to aid ain the recovery of a lsot or stolen bicycle. Registration can be done at the City Clerk's Office on the 2nd floor of the Larcom Municipal Building (City Hall), 100 N. Fifth Ave. The cost is $8.00 per bicycle. Registering your bicycle also helps the City account for the total amount of bicycling in the City, which can be useful when determining future bike parking ammenities and planning for future lanes and trails.

How does riding a bike affect the Ann Arbor environment?

Commuting and running errands by bicycle greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. Bicycling also reduces dependence on fossil fuels, saves gas money, reduces traffic congestion, and has positive impacts for physical and mental health.

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Last Updated: July 2009