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Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings

Traffic control signs include intersection control (Stop and Yield), lane usage control (Right Lane Must Turn Right, etc.), movement prohibition (No U-Turn, etc.), speed limit, and parking signs among others.

In addition to separating opposing traffic and designating lanes for traffic moving in the same direction, pavement markings are used in many other ways. This includes designating where pedestrians are to cross the street (crosswalks), indicate where drivers should stop their vehicles (stop bars), and complement lane usage control signs (turn and through arrows).

The City installs traffic control devices only in accordance with the Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MMUTCD). The MMUTCD is the legal standard for uniform traffic control devices in the state of Michigan. The manual provides standards for installation, sometimes referred to as "warrants", as well as sign placement and size. Following the standards outlined in the MMUTCD gives us the best chance for voluntary compliance with the regulatory sign.


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