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South Main, South Ashley &Londonderry Water Main Replacement, and Londonderry & Riverview Stormsewer Improvement Project

 Last Updated: 5/20/2009

Project Overview

In order to address water quality concerns, improve fire hydrant protection, and prevent continuity of service issues, we will be replacing the existing 6” water main with a new 8” diameter pipe on Londonderry Road betweeen Belmont and Glendaloch.  The new water main will be located in the west lawn extension, in the city right-of-way.   Between Belmont & Devonshire, a new storm drain will be installed in order to address storm water issues.
On South Main and South Ashley, a replacement water main will be directionally drilled underneath the railroad tracks.

On Riverview, storm drain pipe will be extended, and the outlet reinforced.

Garbage/recycling collection, utility service, and mail delivery will be maintained throughout the project.  Local traffic access for vehicular and pedestrian traffic on Londonderry will be maintained during the project, with some delays during key points of construction. 

After installation of the new underground pipes, the street that was disturbed will be restored, including asphalt pavement, curb and gutter, driveways, and re-seeding lawn extension areas.   


Work is scheduled to begin on South Main Street the beginning of June 2009, followed by South Ashley, Londonderry & Riverview construction.

Impact on Traffic & Local Residents

During construction, it will be necessary for our contractor to post temporary “No Parking” signs so that work can proceed in a timely manner. Access to driveways will be maintained during this time, with the exception of some short periods of time when the water main installation crosses in front of your driveway.  When this occurs, the contractor or a City representative will knock on residents’ doors to make sure the driveway does not need to be accessed during that time. 

Garbage collection and mail delivery will be maintained throughout the project. Water service will be maintained during construction, except for brief periods when the new water main is tied in to the existing main, and when house services are transferred to the new main.  Written notice will be given to residents two days before these shutoffs.

Unfortunately, the construction will generate dust and noise, and will cause some inconvenience.  We would like to thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during the project. 

Questions or Concerns?


Igor Kotlyar, Project Manager

734-794-6410 ext. 43634


Tim Towles, Inspector - CES
Cell phone: (734) 323-6526


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