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Dexter Avenue Improvements (Maple to Huron) Updated July 11, 2012


Dexter Road will be restricted to local traffic only for the duration of construction.  "Local traffic" refers to traffic with a final destination within the closure area.  For example, if you're dining at Knight's,  you are considered local traffic and are permitted to utilize Dexter Road to access Knight's (access will be primarily from Maple Road). 

If your destination is not on Dexter Avenue, we urge you to seek an alternative route.  Eliminating thru traffic on Dexter will allow the Contractor to work more quickly.

Construction will be in three phases as described below.

Phase 1 Construction (Doty to Huron Street).  Expected March - August 10:

During the first phase of construction, only westbound emergency vehicles and residents who live within the Phase 1 construction zone (Doty to Huron) will be permitted within the construction zone.  Between Doty and Maple Road, two-way local traffic will be permitted.  

Phase 2 Construction (Lyn Anne to Doty).  Expected July 9  - September:

During Phase 2 construction, only westbound emergency vehicles and residents who live within the Phase 2 construction zone (Lyn Anne to Doty) will be permitted within the construction zone.   Two-way local traffic will be permitted in Phase 3 and in Phase 1 once paved (expected August 10) 

Phase 3 Construction (Maple to Lyn Anne).  Expected August - October:

During Phase 3 construction, only westbound local traffic will be permitted within the Phase 3 construction zone.  Two-way local traffic will be permitted in the other two zones. 

Typically, it takes a few weeks for everyone to get used to new traffic patterns.  Thank you for your patience.  That said, please don't hesitate to contact Elizabeth Rolla ( if you have a concern or question.

Project Overview


Dexter Avenue between North Maple Road and Huron Street will be completely reconstructed in 2012. In addition to repaving the roadway, other improvements include replacing and upsizing utilities (water main and storm sewer), adding bicycle lanes, installation of new sidewalks, and storm water improvements (such as storm water detention). The curb-to-curb width of the road will remain the same as it currently exists - the road will not be widened.


With this project, the City plans to address these identified needs:

  •  Improved/repaved road surface & curbs
  • Sight distance over hills
  • Curb & gutter gaps (north side, west of Doty)
  • Storm water (e.g., ponding) improvements
  • Sidewalk gaps (north side, west of Doty)
  • Repair existing sidewalk failures
  • Sidewalk ramps (ADA)
  • Bicycle lanes
  • Pedestrian crossings (near Veteran's Park Parking Lot, near Doty, and near Grandview) 
  • Reduce pedestrian crossing width at Glendale Dr
  • Bus stops
  • Water Main Replacements
  • Storm water sewer repairs
  • Sanitary sewer repairs

Traffic Control

Dexter Avenue is a major road with approximately 7000 vehicles per day.  To reduce traffic impacts on the neighbors, the construction will be phased into three sections, with approximately a third of Dexter Avenue under construction at any given time.  Section 1 will extend from Huron Street to Doty.  Section 2 will be in the middle of the project, from Doty to Lyn Anne Court.  Stage 3 will consist of the west end of the project from Lyn Anne Court to Maple Road.  Within each section under construction, traffic will be limited to one-way westbound, with only local and emergency traffic permitted.  Thru traffic will be detoured via Maple and Jackson Ave.  For the two sections without construction, two-way local traffic will be permitted. 


June 7, 2011Initial Public Meeting
May - August 2011Preliminary Design
August 2011 - January 2012Finalized Design and Building
February 28, 2012Second Public Meeting
March 26 - November 2012Construction



Funding for the project will be coming from various sources. Funding for utility improvements (storm sewer and water main replacement) will be funded by their respective City funds. Road construction work is currently scheduled to receive Federal funding from the Surface Transportation Program (STP), which pays for up to 81% of the construction cost of the project. The remaining cost of the project will be paid for by the Street Resurfacing Millage.


Special assessments may also occur for location-specific improvements such as filling gaps in the sidewalk and curb.


Questions or Concerns

Elizabeth Rolla, P.E., Project Manager

(734) 794-6410, ext 43636




Chris Carson, P.E., Project Design Engineer

(734) 794-6410, ext. 43631


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