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Materials Recycling Plant Tours and Open Houses

Ann Arbor's municipal Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), located at 4150 Platt Road, is the City's recycling​ plant. Free open houses and pre-arranged week day group tours are available.​


Saturday Open Houses are offered on one Saturday morning per month from 10 a.m. - Noon, September through June, to​ give the public a chance to tour the MRF’s recycling operations, and participate in monthly featured activities. Visit the Ecology Center online here to learn more about tour dates.​

Weekday Group Tours are available for groups of 15-36 (including drivers and siblings) between September and June and are free of charge. A visit typically runs 60-90 minutes and can be scheduled between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Children under age 6 enjoy activities in the classroom only and are not permitted on the MRF floor​.  Larger groups may be accommodated in some cases. Visit the Ecology Center online here to learn more about group tours.

For a preview of the MRF and a look at single stream recycling, check out the short 4 minute video from CTN here.  

For more information on tours of the MRF and educational information, please visit the Ecology Center online. You may also contact the Ecology Center​ by emailing them at or by phone at 734.369​.9272.

For MRF operations and markets information, please contact ReCommunity at 734.971.8797. 

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