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Tree Planting


Since 2005, the city has planted nearly 9,000 trees along streets and in parks to replace both ash trees lost to the emerald ash borer and street trees that died or were removed for other reasons.  While the city continues its replanting efforts, we understand that residents may want a street tree before the city arrives in their neighborhood to replant.  If that’s you, we encourage you to take advantage of the city’s do-it-yourself, Resident Sponsored Tree Planting program (see details below). 


Spring 2014 Street Tree Planting Will Begin in May

The city's tree planting contractor, Margolis Nursery, is scheduled to begin spring tree planting in May.  Residents who have potential sites were notified via postcard this spring that their site would be evaluated for street tree planting.  A number of factors are considered when evaluating a site, including proximity to neighboring trees, available rooting space, and location of water shut-off boxes, driveways and utility service lines.  Unfortunately, not all sites will be suitable for planting. 

Selected planting sites will be marked with a green stake, please do not remove these stakes, the contractor will remove them when tree planting has been completed.  If you have a green stake and you do not want a tree planted, please call Forestry Field Operations, as soon as possible, at 734.794.6364.

To view the areas where tree planting* will occur this spring, please click here.   

*Please Note:  The plan contains more potential planting locations than their is funding to plant.  Areas not planted will be moved to the following year's plan and will be planted during the fall planting season.  Areas with a large number of potential planting sites may be planted over several years.

Is your area on this spring's tree planting plan?​

If your street is selected for tree planting and you have a potential tree planting site, you will receive a mailing notifying you that the city will be in the area evaluating potential street tree planting locations. If you do not want a street tree, please call Forestry at 734.794.6364. 

How does the city evaluate and select tree planting locations?

A number of factors are considered when identifying street tree planting locations including proximity to neighboring trees, available rooting space, and location of water shut-off boxes, driveways, and utility service lines.  Unfortunately not all sites will be suitable for tree planting.  Selected planting sites will be marked with a green stake or paint.  Please do not remove the stake/paint or move it to a different location. 

Tree Species Selection

The City's tree planting contractor, Margolis Nursery, will be planting a variety of tree species;   diversity will help to protect the urban forest from pests such as the emerald ash borer.  Due to the large number of trees planted during the season, residents do not get to choose the street tree species that will be planted.  The City and tree planting contractor will select the tree species after the site has been evaluated.   

Can't find your neighborhood on the spring tree planting plan?

If you are interested in having street trees planted but are not on this spring’s plan, you have a couple of option​s.  

  1. Contact Kerry Gray at or 734.794.6430 x 43703 and ask that your street/neighborhood be evaluated for inclusion in a future Tree Planting Plan. 
  2. Participate in the Resident Sponsored Tree Planting Program detailed below.
  3. Submit a proposal to the Elizabeth Dean Fund Committee for tree planting in your neighborhood.  For more information, visit the Dean Fund Committee page. 

Resident Sponsored Tree Planting Program

Do it yourself. Hire a pre-qualified nursery to plant a street tree in the right-of-way in front of your home and receive a letter of charitable donation, up to $1,000 to use with your Federal Income Tax return. Click here for the 2014 Resident Sponsored Tree Planting Program Summary (7-page PDF).  Program benefits:
  • Individuals are able to plant a street tree on their own timetable (spring and fall are traditional tree planting seasons) and recover a portion of their costs through a charitable donation.
  • Residents can choose the type of street tree to be planted from the City's Approved Street Tree List. 
  • The process assures that the tree will have a high survival rate and not pose future damage to the city’s infrastructure.
Tree Planting Resources 

2014 Resident Sponsored Street Tree Planting Program Summary lists program steps, approved street trees, and nurseries that are pre-authorized to work in the street extension in 2014 (pdf). 

Approved Street Tree List by Size- updated July 2010 (pdf)

Approved Street Tree List with Site Characteristics Suitability (pdf)

Forestry Permit (pdf)

Forestry Permit with Contractor Insurance Requirements (pdf)

Tree Planting Detail (pdf)​

Tree Species Information 

*Please Note: Species NOT approved by the City of Ann Arbor may appear on these websites.  The City of Ann Arbor’s Approved Street Tree List supersedes other agencies/organizations recommendations.

Jesse Saylor’s Plant Encyclopedia (Michigan State University) 

Michigan State University Extension Recommended Alternatives to Ash Trees for Michigan's Lower Peninsula (pdf) 

University of Illinois Extension Selecting "Trees for your Home" searchable database 

Ohio Department of Natural Resources Tree Index 

United States Department of Agriculture Plants Database 

University of Florida Tree Fact Sheets 



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