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Moving Firewood

​​Protect Michigan forests - don't move firewood!

Transportation of firewood by people is the leading cause of new infestations of forest pests. Outbreaks are often found adjacent to campgrounds and parks - the result of ordinary people taking firewood with them on a camping trip far from home. Insect pests and diseases can hitchhike hundreds of miles on firewood, causing devastating infestations in urban, suburban and forest areas. Areas like your favorite campsite, your neighborhood, and national parks are at risk if you or others transport firewood. 

To protect Michigan forests from new invasive pests and diseases, follow these two simple rules. 

  1. Buy firewood near where you will burn it - that means the wood was cut within 50 miles of where you'll have your fire.

  2. Burn all the firewood you bought locally on site – don’t bring it home with you.



  • Wood that looks clean and healthy can still have tiny insect eggs, or microscopic fungi spores, that will start a new and deadly infestation. Always leave it at home, even if you think the firewood looks fine.
  • Aged or seasoned wood is still not safe. Just because it is dry doesn't mean that bugs can't crawl onto it!
  • Tell your friends not to bring wood with them- everyone needs to know that they should not move firewood.  ​

Emerald Ash Borer Quarantines

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is one pest that has had a devastating impact on Michigan’s forests. Michigan state law now prohibits the transport of firewood from the Lower Peninsula to the Upper Peninsula, and movement between other quarantine areas in the UP (Michigan EAB Quarantine map – pdf). Individuals and businesses caught violating the state’s EAB quarantine are subject to fines ($1,000-$250,000) and jail time (up to five years).

The EAB Federal Quarantine prohibits the interstate (between state) movement of hardwood firewood.  Fines for violating the quarantine begin at $250,000.  For more information about the Federal Quarantine, call the United States Department of Agriculture’s Emerald Ash Borer hotline at 1-866-322-4512.

More information​

Don’t Move Firewood (

Emerald Ash Borer Information (

Michigan Emerald Ash Borer Hotline (state): 1-866-325-0023

USDA Emerald Ash Borer Hotline (federal): 1-866-322-4512


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