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​Forestry is responsible for the care and management of the public trees within Ann Arbor's urban forest.  Forestry, along with assistance from the Elizabeth Dean Fund, provides a full spectrum of specialized forestry services.

For questions or concerns about a city-managed street or park tree, please contact Forestry at 734-794-6364 or by email at When submitting your request, please have ready:  

  1. Address or location of the issue
  2. Contact information including phone number and/or e-mail
  3. Specific description of the issue

If your tree issue is after city business hours, and is an emergency please call 911. 

What's New in Urban Forestry?

Spring 2014 Street Tree Planting

The City is beginning preparations for the spring 2014 tree planting season!  If you receive a postcard in the mail notifying you that street tree planting is coming to your area, and you DO NOT want a tree planted, please contact Forestry as soon as possible at 734.794.6364.  If we do not hear from you, a tree may be planted in front of your home and it cannot be removed.   

For more information on the City's tree planting program and to view this spring's tree planting plan, please visit

Can a Resident hire a tree care company to do tree planting or tree work on a city street tree?

YES! Residents interested in hiring a tree care company, at their own expense, to do tree planting or tree work on a city street tree (ex: tree pruning, stump removal, insect/disease/fertilization treatment) can do so through the Resident Sponsored Tree Care and Tree Planting programs.  For more information about the programs and a copy of the Forestry Permit that must be submitted, please click on the links below (requires Adobe Acrobat to open).

Resident Sponsored Tree Planting Program (PDF)

Resident Sponsored Street Tree Care Program (PDF)

Forestry Permit (PDF)

In The News
-- (click on the title to be directed to the full article)
Michigan DNR advises caution to prevent spread of oak wilt disease (Avoid unnecessary pruning and cutting of oak trees)

Dean Fund Committee Vacancies

The City is seeking candidates to serve on the Elizabeth Dean Fund Committee.  The Dean Fund Committee allocates the annual interest income from the Elizabeth Dean Trust towards tree planting and tree maintenance activities.  Visit the Elizabeth R. Dean Trust Fund page for more information on the Committee. 

Interested candidates should submit a Boards and Commissions Application to the Mayor's Office.  For more information please contact the Mayor's office at 734-794-6161.

Tree Owner's Manual

The USDA Forest Service has created the Tree Owner's Manual to provide information on proper tree planting and care.  The manual is set-up similar to an appliance manual and includes a parts list, installation instructions, maintenance guidelines and troubleshooting. 

USDA Forest Service Tree Owners Manual (Adobe PDF document)-- please note this link takes you away from the City of Ann Arbor website.

Buy it Where you Burn It!

The movement of firewood is one of the biggest threats to Michigan's trees and forests.  Firewood Scout, is a new website that will help you find local sources of firewood to use when you are camping or vacationing around Michigan.  Visit for more information. 

Memorial/Honor Trees
Interested in planting a tree in a City Park in memory or honor of someone?  Please review the Parks and Recreation Giving Guide (pdf) for information and guidelines.  

DTE Energy Line Clearance/Tree Trimming Program
To view information about DTE Energy's Line Clearance/Tree Trimming program please visit
Please note this link will take you away from the City of Ann Arbor website.

Current Forestry Activities

Tree Inventory

The city's tree inventory provides data on the approximately 57,000 street trees, parks trees (in mowed areas) and potential street tree planting sites.  The tree inventory is updated regularly based on tree work performed (ex: tree planting, tree removal).  See the Tree inventory page to view tree inventory data in an interactive GIS map.     

Tree Removal Process

Forestry Field Operations is currently identifying, notifying adjacent property owners and removing the trees identified as "priority removals" in the tree inventory.

  1. Forestry Field Operations marks each tree to be removed with a green painted dot on the street side*
  2. Residents on the block where a tree(s) will be removed are notified via letter/door hanger.
  3. The tree(s) are removed following receipt of the letter by residents.  This may be as soon as 7 days after the letter has been received, but may be as long as 4 months depending on forestry workload, priorities and available resources.  

*Emergency tree removals may not be marked with a green dot or have resident notification prior to removal. 

Any questions or concerns regarding the removal of a tree—or if you believe that a city-managed tree is a hazard and requires immediate maintenance/inspection—please contact Forestry at 734-794-6364 or email

Tree Trimming

During the city’s focus on dead trees and priority removals, the Forestry unit will conduct limited tree trimming.  Trimming will only be performed in response to clearance issues (road signs, safety, etc.), emergency/immediate hazards, storm damage or construction activities.  Please note that independent contractors not affiliated with city (e.g., contractors for DTE Energy) will continue to perform tree trimming activities.

Elizabeth Dean Tree Fund

In 1964, Elizabeth Dean willed nearly two-million dollars to "be held in a separate fund by the City of Ann Arbor and the income thereof to be used to repair, maintain and replace trees on City property." Only the annual interest income generated by the Dean Trust is utilized, to provide perpetual tree service benefits to the Ann Arbor community. The Dean Fund Committee welcomes citizen requests for special tree planting projects. Visit the Elizabeth R. Dean Trust fund webpage to download a proposal form and copy of project guidelines. 





Learn more about the BENEFITS of urban forests.

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Forestry Operations
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