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Public Involvement

Public Notices

Notice of upcoming public hearings is provided in several ways in order to reach the people most likely to be affected by or interested in proposals. See a summary of our public involvement process (pdf).

For all public hearing items

  • 15 days before a hearing, a hearing notice is published in the "Classified" section of the Ann Arbor News
  • During the week preceding a hearing, the Planning Commission agenda is broadcast on CTN Channel 10
  • On the Friday afternoon preceding the Planning commission meetings, staff reports are available in the Planning Department, First Floor, City Hall, and an Agenda is posted in the lobby of City Hall, and on the Planning Department's Web page
  • On Sunday preceding the Planning Commission meeting, the Planning Commission agenda is published in the "Classified" section of the Ann Arbor News

In addition to each of the steps just mentioned, the following notices are provided for development petitions:

  • Upon receipt of a petition, usually about five weeks before a hearing, the area plan or site plan is displayed in the lobby of City Hall
  • One to two weeks before a hearing, letters are sent to property owners, residents and registered neighborhood and business groups who are within 300 feet of the property being considered
  • One week before the hearing, an orange sign is prominently posted in the property being considered. The sign contains:

1.  The name of the petition
2.  The time and place of the hearing
3.  How to get more information
4.  The date the property was posted

Public Input

One of the most important jobs of the Ann Arbor City Planning Commission is to provide an opportunity for the public to offer constructive comments on items before it, and then to take those comments into account when making decisions.

There are several opportunities for the Planning Commission to be made aware of the concern of individuals and groups. It is especially helpful if persons with questions or concerns call or write the Planning Department before a meeting. This gives both staff and Commission maximum opportunity to consider comments. Letters received at least five days before a meeting will be included in the Planning Commission's agenda packet, and those received less than five days before a meeting will be copied and distributed at the meeting.

At public hearings, individuals are permitted to speak for up to three minutes, and petitioners and people who represent a group may speak for up to five minutes. Written statements are also appreciated and entered into the record.

Finally, there is time provided at the end of every Planning Commission meeting for public comments on any topic.

The City Planning Commission considers comments to be most constructive when they relate to:

  1. City Code requirements and land use regulations;
  2. consistency with the City Master Plan; or, 
  3. additional information about the area around the petitioner's property and the extent to which a proposed project may positively or negatively affect that area. Being "for" or "against" a project without saying "why" generally does not provide useful information to the Commission.

How to register your association or neighborhood group

To register your neighborhood association or business group in order to receive mailed notices, it is necessary to fill out a simple form and submit it to the Planning Department. If you are interested in registering your association, please call us at 734.794.6265, fax us at 734.994.8460, send us a letter at P.O. Box 8647, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48107, or stop by our office on the first floor of City Hall located on N. Fifth Ave. between Ann and Huron Streets (301 E. Huron).


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