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Development Review Requirements

New construction and site improvements are subject to the City of Ann Arbor's development review requirements, with the exception of single- and two-family dwellings and interior alterations of a non-residential building.  Annexations, rezonings and land divisions also are subject to this review process.

Planning Services coordinates the development review process, working with City staff from other units to confirm compliance with City codes.

Petition Applications

Persons seeking to develop, annex, rezone or divide property must first get approval from the City Planning Commission and/or the City Council. An application is submitted to the Planning Department, and depending on the type of petition, additional drawings or plans are required. Once filed, a project is referred to as a "petition" and the person submitting the project is called a "petitioner." 

Schedule and Fees

The Planning Commission meets on the first and third Tuesdays of the month.  New petitions are accepted once a month. The filing deadlines and review fees are provided below:  

Application Process 


NEW!  Planning Services has moved to on-line petition submission and review through the City's eTrakit software. Please follow the steps below in preparing your petition:

Timeframe​ ​Requirement​Contact Information
​8 weeks before submittal deadlineDowntown projects only: submit Design Review Board application​

Alexis DiLeo
734-794-6000 x ​42610

6 weeks before submittal​ deadlineConfirm citizen participation requirement.
(If a meeting is required, refer to the Citizen Participation Requirements for Major Projects PDF handout for specific timing)​

​Planning Staff  
or 734-794-6265

4-6 weeks before submittal​ deadlineSet up an eTrakit account and obtain a PIN​Mia Gale 
or (734) 794-6000
x 42665
1-2 weeks before submittal deadline​Schedule a presubmission meeting. Bring a  hard copy of the plans and the completed Petitioner Checklist PDFPlanning Staff  
or 734-794-6265​
1 week before submittal deadline​​Prepare electronic files and review the eTrakit Submittal Manual PDF; contact staff with questions.Mia Gale 
or (734) 794-6000
x 42665
Submittal date, prior to noon deadline​​

Login at and submit application materials identified at the presubmission meeting, including:

- Application Form PDF
Petitioner Checklist PDF
- AAGRS Worksheet PDF
- One full set of plans (paper copy)
- Digital plan set (single PDF)

Planning Staff  
or 734-794-6265​​​
Submittal dateSubmit fee payment through Payment Cover Sheet PDF or check to the City of Ann Arbor​Mia Gale 
or (734) 794-6000
x 42665


Review Process

The review requirements and process for specific petition types are summarized below:


Below are links to information and application forms for annexing property into the City of Ann Arbor from Scio, Pittsfield, or Ann Arbor Townships. Annexation is required of properties that request City water or sanitary sewer service. 

This information generally applies to owners of single- or two-family dwellings or vacant residential lots. To request annexation of property other than single- or two-family, contact Planning & Development Services at

Guide to City of Ann Arbor Annexation Process (pdf) - Provides information about applying for annexation and zoning, the review process, obtaining public utilities, improvement charges and fees and contact information

Land Divisions

Zoning and Use Changes 

Site Plans 

Downtown Design Review

Checklists and Guides

A pre-submission meeting is required before a petition is accepted. Planning staff use a submittal checklist to determine if petitions, particularly site plans, contain all required information.   

Codes Relevant to Planning and Development Issues

See the City Clerk's Office for City Code for documentation in new window. The chapters listed below are particularly important to the development review process.  

Chapter 26:   Solid Waste Management
Chapter 47:   Streets
Chapter 55:   Zoning Ordinance  
Chapter 57:   Subdivision and Land Use Control 
Chapter 58:   Territorial Annexations
Chapter 59:   Off-Street Parking
Chapter 60:   Wetlands Preservation Ordinance
Chapter 61:   Signs and Outdoor Advertising
Chapter 62:   Landscape and Screening
Chapter 63:   Storm Water Management and Soil Erosion and Sedimentation
Chapter 103:  Historical Preservation
Chapter 104:  Fences

Related Regulations and Policies Not In City Code

Some regulations and policies are not part of the Ann Arbor City Code, but have been approved separately by City Planning Commission and/or City Council.  

Chapter 57, Subdivision and Land Use Control, outlines the types of activities which require approval. If approval is necessary, the Land Development Regulations identify the required information for area plans, site plans, plats, and land divisions.  


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