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Study Committee Reports and Information


South Fourth and South Fifth Avenue Study Committee

Pursuant to Chapter 103, Section 8:408 of Ann Arbor City Code, the Fourth and Fifth Avenue Historic District Study Committee (“Study Committee”) was established by the Ann Arbor City Council to evaluate a residential area just south of downtown Ann Arbor to determine if it meets criteria for historic district designation. The Study Committee was established by Council vote on August 17, 2009 and members were appointed on September 8, 2009.

The Study Committee was given until September 2010 to complete its work and make its recommendation to City Council in the form of a report. The City Council also passed a resolution establishing a six-month moratorium on building permits in the proposed historic district that expired on February 6, 2010. A six-month extension of the moratorium was passed by City Council on February 1, 2010, extending it until August 6, 2010.

Report for City Council

The final report of the Proposed Fourth and Fifth Avenues Historic District, as well as survey sheets for each property in the study area, are provided below for public review. The Study Committee adopted the final report on May 17, 2010. Before adopting the report, the Study Committee held a public hearing on Wednesday, May 5.

The report was transmitted to City Council for consideration and first reading (because the proposed district was an ordinance change) on June 21. City Council held a public hearing on the proposed district at second reading, which was July 6. At that meeting City Council voted on the proposed district and the motion did not pass, so the district was not created.

Please contact Jill Thacher at (734) 794-6265, extension 42608 if you have any questions or require additional information.

Study Committee Meeting Notes and Public Hearing Minutes

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