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Water Treatment

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A Message Regarding Perfluorinated Compounds (PFOA/PFOS)

I want to reassure you that the City's drinking water remains safe to drink. The Detroit Free Press article is sharing information that we have been aware of and have been monitoring for several years and have shared this information with our customers in our Annual Water Quality Report. The contaminants described in the article are perfluorinated compounds that are typically associated with the manufacture of carpeting, personal care products, cookware (they are chemicals Teflon), and other products. The amounts detected in the City's raw water supply and finished water are very low, on average they are 8 to 15 ng/l (ng is a nanogram). It is only in recent history that we have been able to detect compounds at such a low level. The levels found in the City's water remain almost 10 times lower than the EPA health advisory levels. The City water utility is continuing to monitor for these compounds as well as other emerging contaminants, and remains steadfast in its effort to provide safe drinking water for its customers. If you have any specific concerns or other questions, we look forward to answering them. We can be reached at 734.994.2840 or

-Brian Steglitz/Water Treatment Services Manager for the City of Ann Arbor

2016 Drinking Water Quality ReportWater report image.png

Read the 2016 Drinking Water Qu​ality Report (PDF) to learn how Ann Arbor drinking water continues to meet or exceed state and federal standards.

City of Ann Arbor wins 2016 Best Tasting Water Award!

Awarded annually, the City of Ann Arbor won the the best tasting water in Michigan trophy last week at the American Water Works Association's annual conference in Benton Harbor, MI.  We beat out some tough competitors, like our neighbors, Chelsea, who were the two time champs.  Drink up, folks!   

Fire hydrant flushing

Hyrdrant flushing is part of the City's annual maintenance and done to remove minerals and sediment that accumulate in the water lines over the course of a year. This preventative maintenance also allows us to check and record water pressure to ensure the water system is functioning properly.

Please take advantage of our graphical map to see which areas of the city are currently having their hydrants flushed. 

919 Sunset Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone: (734) 794-6426

Open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week for water emergencies.

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