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​Welcome to This site is designed to be a resource on stormwater management and surface water quality issues in the City of Ann Arbor.


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Prominent Projects 
Click here to view a diagram of the below wet weather projects (PDF) 
*FDD Program (Partially Suspended)
*Sanitary Sewer Wet Weather Evaluation 
*Stormwater Model Calibration and Analysis
*Upper Malletts Stormwater Conveyance Study  
*Other Stormwater Projects :
      Management of Millers Creek Sediment Accumulation Study     
      Allen Creek Railroad Berm Opening Feasibility Study 


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Stormwater Management
Learn the basics about stormwater: what it is, why it's a problem, how the City currently manages stormwater and what you can do (including helpful resources on stormwater management practices)!

impervious area calculation tool

Stormwater Rates and Credits
Learn about Ann Arbor's tiered stormwater rate structure, which is based on a property's amount of impervious surface. Find out how your rate was calculated here.

Then learn about credits that could help you reduce your rate:
     Residential credits
     Commercial credits


Rain and Stream Gauges 
Look here for tools to access rain and stream gauge data.

Geddes Pond, Huron River

Stormwater Permit
Find out how the City of Ann Arbor works with other Middle Huron River Watershed partners to meet state and federal stormwater permit regulations.

Residential Construction

Stormwater Management Requirements for Residential Construction
A stormwater management plan is required for residential construction projects with 200+ sq. ft. of impervious surfaces. Learn about the code changes and download an impervious area worksheet to determine the code affects your project.

River Volunteers

Opportunities for community involvement and participation in watershed stewardship activities 


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Water/Sewer Emergency Information 


Water Resources and Additional Information 


NEW Stormwater Management Requirements for Residential Construction 



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Water Quality Manager

Jerry Hancock
Stormwater and Floodplain Program Coordinator

Kerry Gray
Urban Forestry and Natural Resources Planner 

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