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Ann Arbor’s built and natural environment sustains us—it is the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we inhabit. Our environment consists of a collection of interconnected systems that define Ann Arbor. These local systems are embedded in regional, even global processes, expanding the impact of community activities such as energy consumption or recycling beyond city boundaries.

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The City’s State of Our Environment Report is designed as a citizen's reference tool on environmental issues and as an atlas of the management strategies underway for the conservation and protection of our environment.

The newest version of the report is organized around ten Environmental Goals developed by the Environmental Commission and adopted by City Council in 2007.

Download a copy of our most recent State of Our Environment Summary (pdf).

The city has partnered with the Ann Arbor Chronicle  to develop a series of articles on the city environmental indicators.  You can find the series here.


  • Top 20 On-site Green Power Generation, #13, (2010), EPA
  • Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Community (2009), League of American Bicyclists
  • Smarter City, #12 in medium-size category (2009), Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Outstanding Compost Operation Award (2008), Michigan Recycling Coalition
  • America’s 50 Greenest Cities, (2008), Popular Science
  • Best Walking Cities, #3, (2008), Prevention Magazine and the American Podiatric Medical Association

Environmental Goals

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Continued Ann Arbor environmental stewardship depends on actively engaged, informed citizens.  The choices made by past citizens have created the Ann Arbor we live in today; the choices we make today will create the Ann Arbor of tomorrow. Make a difference.

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City Staff and the City of Ann Arbor Environmental Commission welcome your constructive feedback and comments on this report. Please e-mail comments to Matthew Naud, Environmental Coordinator