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​Be Smart. Drink Tap…

There are plenty of reasons to drink Ann Arbor tap water (A2H2O): it's good for you, your wallet and the environment! For further information on the negative impacts of commercially-bottled drinking water in contrast to municipal tap water see the Bottled Water Issues Summary (PDF).

Be Safe

Did you know the US EPA closely regulates municipal tap water? Ann Arbor’s Water Treatment Plant lab staff and operators perform over 150,000 types of analysis on the City’s drinking water annually—some tests occur every hour. These tests monitor nearly 280 different substances, and the vast majority has never been detected. Tap water is more closely regulated than commercially-bottled water. Ann Arbor’s tap water is a frequent winner of the regional Michigan Water Tasting Competition, too!

Save Money​

Besides offering a safe and reliable source of water, Ann Arbor’s tap water is a great value. Refilling a 16-ounce water bottle from the tap costs less than one penny.  In fact, you can fill 4,000 16-ounce water bottles for less than one dollar.

Be Green 

Disposable water bottles generate substantial waste. Thousands of tons of plastic and millions of barrels of oil are used each year to make plastic water bottles for commercially-bottled water; millions of tons of carbon dioxide result from this process. Drinking tap water provides the opportunity to use refillable bottles rather than disposable ones.


Water Bottle 

17-ounce silver stainless steel bottle with sip top. Made in China. $5





Refillable “A2H2O” water bottles are available from the Customer Service Center, First Floor, Larcom City Hall,  301 E. Huron, open weekdays from 8-5, 734.794.6333.


22-ounce glass bottle. Made in USA. $5






20-ounce water bottle with sip top. Made of #2 plastic, non-BPA. Made in USA. $1




Chico Bag, w/bag on carabineer. 18" x 14.5", 99% recycled content. $5



Share photos of you with an Ann Arbor water bottle on the Panoramio world map under “A2H2O.” View Press Rele​ase (PDF) and Photo Uploading Instructions (PDF).


Water audit kit for home, $2


A2H2O logo 

Press Releases

Ann Arbor's Tap Water Meets/Exceeds Federal Regulations- Chromium 6 Response (PDF)

Fluoride in City Tap Water (PDF)

A2H2O Reusable Water Bottle Web Map Launched (PDF)

Other Resources and Water Topics

Annual City of A2 Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report 2012 PDF
Water Facts and Actions from the University of Michigan Water Semester:
10 Water Facts You Should Know and 10 Things You Can Do to Protect Water Resources (PDF)

Consumer's Guide
to Tap water: 
Responses to frequently-asked tap quantity and quality questions

For More Information on Tap and Bottled Water Sources

US Environmental Protection Agency groundwater and drinking water site

Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment drinking water site

The American Water Works Association's tap water website: 
Check here for info about National Drinking Water Week, celebrated every May





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