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State of Our Environment
Environmental Commission
Huron River and Impoundment Management Plan
Phosphorus Fertilizer Ordinance
1,4 Dioxane and Pall Life Sciences (Gelman)
Index of City Environmental Information
Green Fair
Ozone Action Days
Green Rental Housing
415 West Washington Environmental Assessment
415 West Washington Historic Structures
LEED Construction


​​​State of Our Environment Report

The State of Our Environment Report website aligns environmental indicators with the ten environmental goals adopted by the Environmental Commission and City Council in 2007.  Download a copy of our most recent State of Our Environment Update (pdf).  You may find more information at


Environmental Commission

The Environmental Commission typically meets the 4th Thursday of each month at 7pm and is shown live on CTN.

For information on upcoming meetings and agendas, visit the city Legislative Calendar page

Environmental Commission Committees

These are standing committees of the commission.  They meet as needed and are open to the public.  Contact the Environmental Coordinator (Matthew Naud) for upcoming committee meetings.

  • Natural Features Committee
  • Solid Waste Committee - Solid Waste Plan update
  • Transportation Committee
  • Water Committee
  • State of Our Environment Committee

Sustainability Framework 

Ann Arbor's sustainability framework project has condensed over 225 goals from 20 plans into 16 sustainability goals (pdf). This project is an 18-month project that will produce an overarching framework that integrates all city planning and a sustainability action plan that will connect overarching goals with quantifiable targets.  You may find more information at

MICHCON Site Remediation

More information can be found at the DTE site.

Huron River Video Tour

Take a video tour of the Huron River (hosted on Google Video).  Watch in High Quality if you have the bandwidth.  Thanks to Tim Nagae (CTN), Mickey Aldridge (script), and Sandra Arlinghaus (Google Earth footage).

Package Wastewater Treatment Plants

November 2007 - Comments to MDEQ to oppose granting a NPDES permit for discharges to Honey Creek.  The discharge would be from a proposed package wastewater treatment plant in Scio Township.

Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens​​

More info on rain barrels and rain gardens and other ways reduce stormwater runoff.

Environmental Goals

The Environmental Commission and City staff have developed Environmental Action Plan Guiding Principles and Goals.  The Commission adopted the guiding principles and goals at their May 2007 meeting.  These goals were forwarded to City Council with a recommendation that City Council adopt these guiding principles and goals.  City Council adopted these final guiding principles and goals (as amended) at their July 2007 meeting.

Fertilizer (Phosphorus) Ordinance and Applicator Registration

Fertilizer Ordinance webpage - includes Commercial Applicator Registration Form that must be notarized and submitted to the City Clerk, 2nd Floor City Hall, 100 North Fifth Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI

Huron River and Impoundment Management Plan Committee

HRIMP webpage

Aquatic Vegetation Study 2006

Aquatic Vegetation Survey-Final (3meg PDF file)


A draft idling ordinance is being developed to reduce unnecessary emissions that contribute to poor air quality and pose environmental health risks, especially to asthmatics and those with compromised lung functions.


A draft Lighting Ordinance is being developed to eliminate nuisance glare, and reduce energy use and light pollution.

Protect Our Spot on the Big Blue Dot

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Matthew Naud
Environmental Coordinator
100 N. 5th Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48107
(734) 794-6430 x43712

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Tree Planting

New Stormwater Rates


Household Hazardous Waste - Washtenaw County

No Phosphorus Fertilizer

Systems Planning Staff Directory


Upcoming Events
  The Environmental Commission typically meets the 4th Thursday of each month at 7pm and is shown live on CTN.







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