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Traffic Calming

​Traffic Calming is a method to control speeding in residential neighborhoods. Information and resources related to the City of Ann Arbor Traffic Calming Program is available below. 

Learn more about the Ann Arbor Traffic Calming program by reviewing the Traffic Calming Guidebook  (PDF)

The following minimum conditions must be met to qualify for the Traffic Calming Program:

  1. ​The streets must be paved City streets.
  2. Streets must be classified as a local or residential collector street, as outlined in the Public Services Area Standard Specifications
  3. The average daily traffic must be at least 200 and no more than 4,000. 
  4. The 85th percentile speed must be at least 5 mph over the posted speed limit. 
  5. The street must not be a primary emergency route (for speed humps). 
  6. Streets used as bus routes by the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority or the Ann Arbor Public Schools must have their input into the plan. 
  7. ​The street must not be a designated truck route.


 FY 2014 Traffic Calming Projects Update:

South Boulevard (Packard to Ferdon)
Final Results (PDF)

Larchmont (Green to Barrister)-
Meeting #1 Discussion Summary (PDF)
Meeting #2 Discussion Summary (PDF)
Final Consensus Plan (PDF)
Final Results (PDF)

Pomona (Mixtwood to Miller)-
Meeting #1 Discussion Summary
Meeting #2 Discussion Summary (PDF)
Final Consensus Plan (PDF)
Final Results (PDF)

Wells (Packard to Prospect)-

Meeting #1 Discussion Summary (PDF)
Meeting #2 Discussion Summary
Final Consensus Plan (PDF)
Final Results (PDF)

FY 2015 Traffic Calming Projects Update

Northside (Packard to Prospect):

February 2014
 Update Meeting: Discussion Summary (PDF)
Initial Survey Summary and Meeting #1 Invite (PDF)
Meeting #1 Discussion Summary (PDF)
Meeting #2 Invite and Draft Plan (PDF)


Click here for a map of traffic calming projects throughout the City; this map identifies areas that have been reviewed for traffic calming but did not qualify, projects which have been completed, and areas currently in progress of traffic calming study.


View Traffic Calming in a larger map

Request traffic calming measures for your neighborhood start by submitting a petition (PDF). Though petitions are currently being accepted there is a backlog of approximately 2-3 years of projects in the queue. Thank you for your patience and interest in traffic calming.

Traffic Calming Toolbox
During the traffic calming process City engineers work with local residents and property owners to determine which device(s) best suits the traffic conditions in their neighborhood. The below listing identifies tools that are considered through this process; additional information about traffic calming devices is available in the Traffic Calming Guidebook (PDF).

Vertical Impact Tools:
  • ​Speed Humps
  • Raised Crosswalks
  • Raised Intersections

Horizontal Impact Tools:
  • ​Traffic Circles
  • Neck Downs
  • Chokers
  • Lane Narrowing

Other Tools:
  • ​Diverters
  • Realigned Intersections
  • Forced turn Barriers
  • Turn Prohibitions
  • Neighborhood Identification Sign 



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For additional information contact:

Les Sipowski
City of Ann Arbor 
Project Manager 734-794-6410 ext. 43637











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