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Urban & Community Forest Management Plan
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Urban & Community Forest Management Plan

What is the urban & community forest?

The urban and community forest is all of the woody vegetation growing in an urban area, including trees, shrubs, and vines found along city streets, public parks and private property.  The City is responsible for managing an urban forest that contains over 43,000 street trees and 6,600 park trees (mowed areas).

Ann Arbor's First Urban & Community Forest Management Plan

The City's first Urban and Community Forest Management Plan was adopted by the Ann Arbor City Council on June 2, 2014.  Click on the link below to view the adopted Plan. 

Final Urban and Community Forest Management Plan (7MB PDF)

Thank you to the residents and community members who participated in the development of the Plan.

Public Engagement

View the Urban & Community Forest Management Public Engagement Plan summary (PDF) to learn about each of the public engagement activities and the groups involved. Also, look below for additional supporting materials.

Community Engagement

Public Workshops - Issues & Opportunities (Summer 2010)

Community Survey - Issues & Opportunities (August-October 2010)
Survey Results Summary (PDF)

Background Information - Online Survey/A2 Open City Hall (September 2012)  Background Presentation (PDF)

Public Outreach Draft Recommendations -
Public Outreach Summary (PDF)-- Fall 2012

Stakeholder Focus Groups

Focus Group 1 (February 2011): Common Themes & Meeting Notes (PDF)

Focus Group 2 (May 2011): Draft Goals & Meeting Notes (PDF)

Focus Group 3 (March 2012): Recommendations Feedback Activity & Meeting Notes (PDF) 

List of Invited Stakeholders (PDF)​

Advisory Committee

Basic Information (What? Who?) (PDF)

Public Engagement Common Themes Chart (PDF)

Meeting 1 (April 2011): 
Agenda & Meeting Materials (PDF)

Meeting 2 (May 2011):
Agenda & Meeting Materials (PDF)

Meeting 3 (June 2011):
         Agenda & Meeting Materials (PDF) 

Meeting 4 (July 2011):
         Agenda & Meeting Materials (PDF)

Meeting 5 (November 2011):
Agenda & Meeting Materials (PDF)

Meeting 6 (December 2011):
         Agenda & Meeting Materials (PDF)

Meeting 7 (January 2012):
         Agenda & Meeting Materials (PDF)

Meeting 8 (February 2012):

Meeting 9 (May 2012):

Meeting 10 (December 2012):






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