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Expenditure Highlights

Below is a chart representing how the City spent its budget for fiscal year 2013 for governmental funds (General, Special Revenue, Debt Service, Capital Projects, and Permanent funds).  Safety Service-related areas continue to be the largest use of our resources.  The categories are defined as follows:

General Government- This represents service units such as Mayor & Council, City Administration, City Clerk, District Court, City Attorney, Finance, Human Resources and other administrative costs. 

Police & Fire- This represents service units for Police and Fire. 

Other Public Safety- This represents the Planning & Development service unit expenditures related to building inspections.  

Roads- This represents the expenditures related to road construction, repair and maintenance. 

Other public works- This represents costs associated with facility management, street lighting, hydropower operations, and customer service related to General Fund collection activities. 

Public Transportation- This represents the transfer to the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority. 

Community & Economic Development-  This represents the human services funding as well as federal grant fundsing for community development.  Costs associated with the economic development fund are also shown here.

Recreation & Culture- This represents the expenditures associated with recreation facilities and administration of park programs.  The Historic District Commission expenditures are also shown here.

Capital Outlay - This represents capital outlay including projects for which the City issued a bond (i.e. Courts/Police building or the DDA Fifth Avenue parking structure).

Debt Service-  This represents the cost of principal and interest paid on the City's general obligation debt.


 Expenditure Pie Chart.jpg


This chart outlines the changes to expenditure per capita in each category of expenditure:

Expenditure Bar Chart.jpg

The following chart illustrates a history of expenditures for governmental funds for the fiscal years 2006-2013:

Expenditure Bar chart annual trend.jpg


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