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GIS Maps and Resources

GIS Maps and Resources

Ann Arbor Geographic Information System (A2Spatial)

The goal of the Ann Arbor Geographic Information System (A2Spatial) is to develop a central spatial data resource serving all citywide applications and customer service needs.  The A2Spatial service offers users multiple platforms to view and interact with our spatial data, from simple map graphics, PDF's to interactive web based maps like Geocortex which uses live data from our GIS databases.  Please browse the links below to find information of some of our spatial products and tools.

If you perfer you can also download some of the spatial data (and other City documents) for free from our Data Catalog.  The Data Catalog allows you to download ESRI Shapefiles or Google KMZ files of our most popular spatial datasets.  See the link below. 

Map or Service Name DescriptionFormat

City of Ann Arbor Base map (mapAnnArbor)

An interactive map displaying the City Base Map.

Geocortex Website

Washtenaw County online mapping (MapWashtenaw) 

An interactive map dsplaying the County Base Map.

Geocortex Website

Ann Arbor Data Catalog

Free downloadable City and County spatial datasets.  More City and County spatial datasets and custom hardcopy maps can be purchased thru the (MapStore) 

City Webpage

Annexation Alternatives (PDF)

Township Islands with Potential for Annexation into the City of Ann Arbor.

City Webpage / PDF

Bike Map (PDF)

A map of the 2005 City of Ann Arbor / Washtenaw County Bike map. 


Capital Improvement Projects

An interactive map displaying the Capital Improvement Projects in the City.


Geocortex Website

Creekshed Health

Maps showing the boundary and current health of the City's creeksheds.

City Webpage

Crime Stats and Map

View Crime data on an external interactive website.

External Website

Curbside Collection Map 

An interactive map displaying the collection days for curbside trash.  

Geocortex Website


This link will take you to the City of Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority website.  There you will find a collection of downtown maps (pedestrian, motorcycle/moped parking, etc.).

External Website 


An interaction site with the City Permit Tracking solution.

City Webpage


An interactive map displaying the 1992 Flood data and the 2012 Flood data.

Geocortex Website

Geodetic Reference System (PDF)

Information on the City's Geodetic Reference System Control Stations. 

City Webpage

Greenbelt Map

This webpage allows you find a map that shows the boundary of the Greenbelt area. 


Green Energy Map

A map that shows information and the locations of local Green Energy projects. 

Google Map

Historic Districts 

This webpage allows you to access (PDF) maps to each of the Historic Districts in the City of Ann Arbor. 

City Webpage / PDF 

Hydrant Flushing

An interactive map displaying the current areas of the City where the Hydrants are being flushed.

​Geocortex Website


LandUse information from 2000.


My Property 

This site allows you to enter a City address and see information on (Voting, Solid Waste, Storm Water, Solar Potential, Water service and allow you to submit a Service Request).

City Webpage 

Neighborhood Associations 

This site allows you to access (PDF) maps and information about the commercial and residential associations in the City of Ann Arbor. 

City Webpage / PDF 

Parks and Recreation


An interactive map displaying the City Parks and Recreation Facilities.  The site allows you to view a (PDF) map of the individual Park. 

Geocortex Website

Petitions Under Review

This site allows you to map and review current Planning & Development petitions.

City Webpage

Plat Maps


An interactive map displaying the City's Plat maps.  The site allows you to view a (PDF) map of each available Plat. 

Geocortex Website

Platted Subdivision Maps (PDF)

The site that allows you to view platted subdivision images indexed by square mile and Plat name.

City Webpage / PDF

Road or Lane Closures

An interactive map that gives you info/map on current Road or Lane closure work being done by the City.

Google Map

Street Snow Plowing AVL Map

This website shows the progress of the City snow plow trucks during a snow event.

External Website

Tree Inventory 

An interactive map displaying the City Tree inventory.

Geocortex Website

Voting Precincts and Polling Places Map

An interactive map displaying the Voting Precincts and allows you to view a (PDF) map of the individual Voting Precinct or Polling Place. 

Geocortex Website

Zoning Maps

An interactive map displaying the City's Zoning Sections.  The site allows you to view a (PDF) map of each Zoning Section. 

Geocortex Website


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